Any Questions?

ZIP Format? what is that?
ZIP format is a utility, which compresses your bunch of files into one smaller file. You can
click here
to download it from net.

I dont know how to send my website in zip format?
OK. Give us your website URL. We will download it from net ourselves (downloading cost extra).
We will build secured wall around this. And will send back to you in zip format.

Once you secured my site, how can I put it on internet?
U can give it to your website designer or to your server space provider. They will put it up on net.

Moreover, if u want us to upload at your server, plz send us login information of your server and we will upload at your server. (uploading cost extra)

If i change my site in future, can i edit these htm pages with secured wall?
No. Once they are protected by secured wall, you (or your webdesigner) wont be able to change or edit these secured pages.

So, it is important for you to keep a copy of existing website (which is unprotected as of now) with you (or with your webdesigner) with all htm, all images and all its required files. In future, you can edit from this unprotected copy of website.



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Any Questions?


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