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Benefit of this following package

  • Usually you pay google (for its click charges) and us (for managing your campaign). For eg. if you spend US$1,000 at google, and you pay us $150 as our fee. Thus you total pay US$1,000+$150=US$ 1,150.

  • In this package, you can save your US$150 which you pay us for managing your campaign. Just send us US$1,000 (which you usually pay google for its click charges). We will create your campaign in our account with your keywords, your text ads, your landing page, your website.

  • Now we will pay google directly US$1,000 for your click charges. And you need NOT to pay us our 15% regular fee (or $150 in this case) to manage your campaign.

  • At month end, we will send you monthly progress status. We will also tell you total number of conversions. Based on number of conversions (or sales you got with our efforts), you need to pay us conversion fee for each conversion.

  • Most important - you can decide how much you will pay us for each conversion. Thus, now you would be spending
    only google charges. And paying us conversion fee ONLY AFTER getting conversions.
Package A.
Pay Zero Fees for managing
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  1. No Need to open your own adwords account. We will manage your all campaigns in our adwords accounts.

  2. No need to submit your credit card info.

  3. You dont need to pay google its click charges. We will pay Google click charges from our own account.

  4. It is simple, easy and secured as we use bank wire transfer method to protect your privacy.

  5. Since we manage all client's account from our master adwords account thus we are not able to provide you its login/password as
    that is same for all clients. But to make your campaign's daily reporting easier for you to understand, we will surely provide you a dedicated url, giving you details of your everyday clicks, impressions, cpc, ctr, total amount spent etc. This is much easier option for you to see everyday progress yourself. You can access it anytime from any browser.


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Package A.
Pay Zero Fees for managing campaign.
Package B.
Pay 0 Fees & Get 5% More Clicks (as a Bonus).
Package C.
5,000 Visitors in 30 Days
Package D.
Beat Your Competitor Plan
Package E.
Pay hourly basis
Package F.
Weekly Fee Payment Option - No Setup Fee

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